A Fortec 1-2 at Nurburgring

After a dramatic race at Silverstone last weekend, the Eurocup championship took to Nurburgring to contest the next round.

Ben Barnicoat started off in in sixth before gaining two places during the race. Having been involved in a dramatic incident last week, Jehan Daruvala started in the ninth before gaining two places. Callan O’Keeffe started in twelfth while Martin Kodric closely followed in fifteenth before gaining an impressive six places. Ferdinand Habsburg began in sixteenth while Valentin Hasse-Clot started behind in twenty-second.
The safety car was soon released after Hasse-Clot had his race come to an unfortunate end in the gravel trap.

After progressing to eighth, Daruvala made his way past D’agosto in turn 1 up into seventh before Barnicoat, who had also previously gained a place, made the move on Hughes to progress to fourth.
Barnicoat held on to his position to cross the line in fourth while Daruvala finished in seventh. Kodric gained another top ten finish in ninth. O’Keeffe finished the race in fifteenth while Habsburg closely followed in eighteenth.

The second race of the weekend started off with a Fortec 1-2 on the starting grid with Barnicoat leading the pack away, closely followed by Kodric in second. O’Keeffe started in ninth while Habsburg began in twenty-third.

The safety car was released on track due to the wet track conditions before Daruvala stopped on the track and the car was retrieved under safety car conditions.

Once the safety car was in and racing got underway, the battle began at the front of the grid. Despite pressure from Sasahara, Kodric held on to third while Barnicoat, who leading the pack, charged ahead, increasing the gap to over five seconds. Barnicoat went on to take his maiden victory closely followed by Kodric in second, resulting in a Fortec 1-2. O’Keeffe crossed the line in thirteenth while Habsburg finished in twenty-third. Hasse-Clot crossed the line in twenty-eighth.

Ben Barnicoat

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