Challenging weekend at Nurburgring

The FIA Formula Three championship took to the Nurburgring circuit to contest its next three rounds.

Pietro Fittipaldi was able to progress two places after starting from seventeenth on the grid, while Matt Rao made huge gains throughout the race after starting from twenty-ninth and climbing up seven places.

Zhi Cong Li started the race in twenty-sixth while Wing Chung Chang followed close behind in twenty-eighth before gaining two places.

In the first lap of the race Fittipaldi gained two places to put him in fifteenth while Rao gained an impressive eight places up to twenty-first. Cong Li also was able to rise to twenty-fifth while Chang closely followed in twenty-sixth after gaining two grid positions.

After losing two places, Rao fought back to progressed up into twenty-second. Meanwhile, Fittipaldi, having fallen down to sixteenth, regained the place and went on to cross the line in fifteenth. Rao went on to finish in twenty-second with Chung Chang in twenty-sixth, closely followed by Cong Li in twenty-seventh.

In the second race of the weekend, some unfortunate collisions caused two of the four Fortec drivers to retire early, including Fittipaldi who started in eighteenth, and Chung Chang, who started the race in twenty-sixth.

The two drivers who finished the race made impressive gains over the course of the race. Li, having started in twenty-eighth, gained five places while Rao gained eleven after starting in twenty-ninth.

Within the opening lap, Rao had already forged ahead into twenty-second. Serrallés and Fittipaldi collided in the second lap, after which both drivers headed into the pits. Three laps later, Lorandi and Jeffri collided, as did Moreno and Solomon. After that, race control sent the safety car out.

Racing resumed on lap six, but, after only a few metres, Menezes slid into the gravel trap at the first corner, which was the reason for the second safety car intervention. After the second restart, Rao went on to cross the line in eighteenth while Li finished the race in twenty-second.

The third and final race of the weekend was dominated by the safety car, which affected Rao who had started twenty-fifth on the grid. Li closely followed from twenty-sixth while Fittipaldi started the race from eighteenth.

The first incident to cause a safety car occurred on the third lap, involving Pohler, Lorandi and Li. To allow Pohler’s damaged car to be removed, race control sent the safety car out before racing resumed on lap seven.

Three laps later, MacLeod spun and Rao was unable to avoid the collision causing a second safety car intervention. It wasn’t long after the next restart before Boccolacci collided with Tveter and had to park his car resulting in a third safety car being brought out.

Shortly after the next restart, Lorandi and Calderón collided and slid into the gravel trap at the last corner, forcing a fourth safety car intervention. The drivers were given one final lap of racing before the chequered flag was waved. Fittipaldi crossed the line in eighteenth while Li, who was involved in the earlier incident, finished in twentieth.

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