• Petru Florescu
    Petru Florescu
    Car No.19
Petru Florescu
Car No.19

    Country: Romania
    Date of birth: 04/01/1999
    Place of residence: London

    Recent career history:
    2016: 6th in the British F4 Championship with 5 wins and 8 podiums
    2015: 11th in MSA Championship
    2009-2014: Karting

    For more information about Petru, please visit his Website.

    • Calan Williams
      Calan Williams
      Car No.21
    Calan Williams
    Car No.21

      Country: Romania
      Date of birth: 04/01/1999
      Place of residence: London

      Recent career history:
      2017: Australian Formula 3 Champion with pole positions in every qualifying. 
      2016: 2nd in the WA Formula Ford State Championship.

      For more information about Calan, please visit his Website.

      • TBC
        Car #
      Car #

      Country: TBC
      Date of birth: TBC
      Place of residence: TBC

      Recent career history:

      The European F3 Open championship has become successful by actively taking measures to control budget requirements. This provides a more achievable option for drivers who lack the major sponsorship portfolio that is required by leading Euroseries teams, and would otherwise have to look elsewhere for their next step up the career ladder.
      In recent years the Championship has become much less centred in Spain, with races across Europe, and has successfully attracted famous non-Spanish teams to take part.
      The championship was renamed to Euroformula Open Championship for 2014, after the FIA restricted the use of the Formula Three name to championships that do not follow the current engine regulations.

      Event Calendar

      14th-15th AprilEstorilPortugal
      5th-6th MayPaul RicardFrance
      9th-10th JuneSpa FrancorchampsBelgium
      7th-8th JulyHungaroringHungary
      1st-2nd SeptemberSilverstoneUK
      22nd – 23rd SeptemberMonzaItaly
      6th-7th OctoberJerezSpain
      20th-21st OctoberCatalunyaSpain

      Driver Standings

      1Felipe DrugovichRP Motorsport98
      2Matheus IorioCarlin57
      3Marcos Siebert Campos Racing50
      4Bent ViscaalTeo Martin49
      5Cameron Das Carlin47
      6Guilherme SamaiaRP Motorsport34
      7Jannes FittjeDrivex School20
      8Alex KarkosikRP Motorsport18
      9Aldo FestanteRP Motorsport12
      10Petru FlorescuFortec Motorsport11

      Team Standings

      1RP Motorsport38
      2Carlin Motorsport22
      3Teo Martín Motorsport18
      4Campos Racing17
      5 Drivex School4
      6Fortec Motorsport 3

      Series Info

      The European F3 Open was created in 2009 by GT Sport, who has been the official organizer for a decade of the championships such as Spanish GT / Iber GT, Spanish Formula 3 and International GT Open.

      In 2016 the Euroformula Open will enter its seventh edition, having enjoyed a growing success in terms of excellence and quality of entries, raising interest, exposure and geographical expansion.

      Today Euroformula Open is…
      – The best platform to enter F3 racing at the moment

      – The series offering the highest F3 racing performance

      – The F3 championship with the best cost/exposure ratio

      – The F3 championship with the biggest number of Dallara F312s, most recent F3 car developed and built by Dallara.
      The Euroformula Open philosophy is to keep rules simple and stable during the years, maintain costs under control, visit only top-level circuits, offer professional level formation for drivers, and provide premium TV/media coverage.

      Tech Specs

      Euroformula Open is run with Dallara F312 cars.

      Toyota-based engines are provided directly by GT Sport and maintained by Piedra ta Sport.

      Tyres are mono-brand provided by Michelin, new tire provider as from 2015.