Hampus wins the prestigious ‘Ronnie Peterson’ award

F1 prodigy Hampus Ericsson has been awarded the brand new Ronnie Peterson Award 2017 for achievement in motorsport.

The award has been established by Swedish car magazine auto motor & sport together with Nina Kennedy, the daughter of Ronnie Peterson.

“There are six world championships in car motoring and Swedes took three of these titles in 2017”, says editor-in-chief Alrik Söderlind, and continues:

“In Sweden, there are two big yearly sporting achievement awards. They have been awarded every year since 1925 and 1979, respectively. Not once during all those years has anyone in car racing won either of those awards. For this reason, we are now instigating the Ronnie Peterson-priset (Ronnie Peterson Award).”

There are three categories: Best Man, Best Woman and Best Junior. And the first ever winner in the Junior category is Hampus Ericsson.

The official winner nomination:

“He is the karting ace that follows in the footsteps of his big brother Marcus. In 2017 he finished 10th in the very competitive F4 British Championship. He is also the current Ford F4 Challenge Cup champion. We call it a very successful debut and his name is – Hampus Ericsson.”

Congratulations Hampus! Tell us, which is the best memory from the 2017 season?

“Thank you so very much! My best memory was the last race of the year, at Brands Hatch. I had everything in my hand, Challenge Cup victory was mine when I came to the last weekend races. But everything went wrong during Saturday and I had to make it all up at the last race on Sunday. And I did – I came third in that race! Enough to win the Challenge Cup championship.”

What is your target for 2018?

“This will be my second season in the F4 British Championship. I really have only one goal and that is to win the whole championship. To succeed, everything must work – the car, the team and my own performance. It is not easy to win a championship though, but as I feel right now, I have all the ingredients to succeed.”

Tell us about your dreams concerning 2019?

“I really have no idea. My focus lies on this year’s season. But if I get to dream a bit, there is a F3 championship and in 2019 it will run together with F1 in Europe. To take the next step into the F3 championship is the right way to go because my final goal is to make it to F1.”


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