Hockenheim proves a challenge for Fortec drivers

The first race of the weekend saw a great number of safety cars deployed. Matt Rao enjoyed a progressive race, impressively gaining thirteen positions; moving from twenty-ninth to sixteenth. Pietro Fittipaldi also had a successful first lap after progressing from twenty-forth to twentieth.

After a small mistake from Fittipaldi on lap five, with the car stopping in the gravel, the first safety car of the race was deployed for a small number of laps.

After a restart on lap eight, Rao was in seventeenth position and Cao had progressed to twenty-sixth.

Shortly after this interruption to the race, a second safety car had been deployed resulting in further delay in the closing stages of the race.

Rao crossed the line in fifteenth while Cao finished in nineteenth position. Cong Li crossed the line in twenty-sixth.

Race two proved a challenge for the Fortec drivers. While the majority of the action took place at the front of the grid, Fortec drivers were partaking in their own battles.

Five laps into the second race at Hockenheim saw progress being made by previous British F3 drivers Cao and Rao. Cao had moved up into fourteenth position while Rao followed closely behind in seventeenth.

During the remaining laps of the race, Cao lost a small number of places resulting in a finish in eighteenth place. Rao continued to push resulting in sixteenth place. Fittipaldi crossed the line in a disappointing twentieth place while Cong Li finished in twenty-ninth.

The third and final race of the weekend got underway behind the safety car on the rain-soaked track.

After two laps, the Fortec cars were moving up the ranks, with Rao progressing from twenty-third to twentieth on the grid and Cao in twenty-second. Fittipaldi closely followed after gaining three places, putting him in twenty-third position.

The wet conditions made no easy race for the drivers with huge amounts of spray continuing throughout the duration of the race.

As the final race at Hockenheim came to a close, Fortec drivers Cong Li and Fittipaldi collided resulting in the deployment of a second safety to bring the race to an end.

Cao crossed the line in twenty-first while Cong Li finished the race in twenty-ninth. After facing difficulties in the closing stages of the race, Rao finished in thirty-first.


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