Josh Hill to stop racing

Josh Hill will not be competing in the remainder of the 2013 FIA F3 season after making the decision to pursue his other career interests.


Josh has enjoyed his experience in F3 and consistently scored points throughout the season with the highlight being a well-deserved 2nd place in Hockenheim in May. His decision to take a rest from racing comes after much reflection and was not taken lightly.


Josh Hill commented: “I have enjoyed my time in motorsport thoroughly and would like to thank everyone that has been involved in my racing career over the last 5 and a half years, from Club 100 to European Formula 3. My sponsor, Auden McKenzie, has supported me for the past 2 years and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity they have given me. Fortec Motorsport, MSA Team UK and my personal trainer have helped me enormously and provided me with the education and fitness I needed to get the best results out of each race.

Coming from the Hill family it was inevitable that I would be drawn to racing. I have learned an enormous amount and really enjoyed the experience, but I do not want to compete unless I am 100% devoted. As I now have ambitions in other fields I feel it is the right move to withdraw from racing.

I would like to thank all my fans, both at the racetracks I’ve visited and on Twitter, for their continued amazing support, and most importantly my Dad, family and friends, who have supported me in my decision. It was a tough one to make but I feel other doors are now opening to me. Thank you all very much.”


Damon Hill commented: “Josh has had a great experience racing in F3 and he can be proud of what he achieved, especially with the podium in Germany. I have been massively impressed by his performances and am so proud of him as a son and a young man, but he has come to the conclusion there are other things in life and has decided to devote more time to pursue his other passions.

Being born into a racing dynasty is not something many of us can easily relate to. It is entirely understandable if Josh has to find out if racing is his main calling or not. We are extremely grateful for all the support he has received from generous sponsors, team members, fans and well-wishers.

So it is with some sadness that we make this announcement. I’m sure there will be many disappointed ‘Hill’ fans out there but we hope they will be understanding and respect Josh’s decision. It is sometimes braver to stop than to carry on. He has my total support as always.”

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