Series finale at Hockenheim

The FIA Formula Three Championship took to the German circuit of Hockenheim to contest the final rounds of the series. In the first race of the weekend, both Pietro Fittipaldi and Matt Rao gained places, with Fittipaldi gaining five places from eighteenth and Rao gaining two after starting in twenty-fifth. In the opening lap, Wing Chung Chang, having started in twenty-eighth, collided and was forced to retire from the race. The collision also brought out the first safety car of the weekend. Zhi Cong Li was also involved, resulting in two of the four Fortec cars retiring. On the restart, Rao spun to the back of the grid in twenty-ninth but was soon able to regain the places. After just three laps, Fittipaldi had progressed up into fifteenth, before climbing up through the grid to cross the line in thirteenth. Rao also regained places to finish the race in twenty-third.

In the second race of the weekend, all four of the Fortec cars completed the race, with both Fittipaldi and Chung Chang progressing throughout the race duration. Fittipaldi started the race in twentieth but was able to gain four grid positions. Rao started the race in twenty-fourth, closely followed by Chung Chang in twenty-fifth who was able to gain an impressive seven positions. After just one lap, Albon slid into the tyre stacks in the first corner, causing the first safety car intervention. Directly after the restart on lap five, Jeffri and Calderón collided. This was sufficient reason for race control to send out the safety car a second time. At this stage in the race, Fittipaldi had progressed up into seventeenth while Chung Chang had progressed to twenty-first. Rao had fallen back to twenty-eighth, closely followed by Cong Li in twenty-ninth. By half way, Fittipaldi and Chung Chang had swapped positions, with Chung Chang in eighteenth and Fittipaldi in twentieth. In the final lap of the race, Rao came off track resulting in a last place finish in twenty-ninth. In the closing stages of the race, Fittipaldi regained the places to finish sixteenth, closely followed by Chung Chang in eighteenth. Cong Li crossed the line in twenty-seventh.

The final race of the season featured the safety car on numerous occasions. When Pohler and Fittipaldi collided on lap five and Fittipaldi’s car got stuck on track, race control sent the safety car out for the first time during the race. Racing resumed on lap eight, but after only half a lap Rao and Russell collided and Russell’s car got stuck in the gravel trap. After the next restart, there were two laps of racing before Jeffri ended up in the gravel after a collision. This was the reason for the third safety car intervention, lasting until lap 15. Right after the restart, Ferrucci lost the front wing of his car. As this was on the track, the safety car was deployed for a fourth time. The race finished behind the safety car. Rao crossed the line in eighteenth after starting in twenty-fourth, closely followed by Cong Li in nineteenth, who had begun from twenty-ninth on the grid. Chung Chang finished the race in twentieth after starting in twenty-seventh.


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