Victory for Barnicoat in Jerez

The Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 series took to the Spanish circuit of Jerez to contest the final rounds of the championship. In the first race of the weekend, Martin Kodric and Jehan Daruvala enjoyed a progressive race, both making impressive gains despite the numerous interruptions, with Kodric gaining ten places from eighteenth on the grid and Daruvala gaining nine after starting in twenty-fourth. After beginning behind the safety car due to the wet conditions, the race went green for a brief period, allowing both Kodric and Valentin Hasse-Clot to gain three places up into fifteenth and sixteenth. Daruvala also gained an impressive five places while Ben Barnicoat held on to third place. After five laps, the red flag was released after multiple cars retired from the race. Shortly after the race had restarted, first behind the safety car, Hasse-Clot suffered a problem, forcing him to retire from the race. During the closing stages of the race, Barnicoat also suffered an unfortunate early end to the race due to an electrical problem which caused him to slow on track. Kodric went on to cross the line in eighth while Daruvala finished the race in fifteenth.

In the second race of the weekend, Barnicoat went on to take a podium finish after starting from sixth on the grid. Both Kodric and Daruvala continued their impressive overtaking manoeuvres, with Kodric gaining twelve places after starting in twenty-second and Daruvala progressing ten positions. As the wet conditions had not improved, the second race also began behind the safety car. As the torrential rain continued, the stewards made the decision to bring out the red flag, stopping the race. On the restart, all four of Fortec cars gained places with Barnicoat progressing up into third, Hasse-Clot up into fourteenth, Kodric into nineteenth and Daruvala to twenty-second. Just three laps later both Kodric and Daruvala had progressed another four places, with Kodric up to fifteenth and Daruvala in eighteenth. On lap eight, Hubert and Hasse-Clot collided, causing another early retirement for Hasse-Clot and the deployment of the safety car. One green flag lap was given at the end of the race before Barnicoat took another podium finish in third. Kodric went on to cross the line in twelfth, closely followed by Daruvala in fifteenth.

Barnicoat ended the final race of the season with victory on Sunday, making it his third win of the season. Kodric kept up his progress, continuing to gain an impressive eleven places within the race duration after starting twentieth on the grid. Barnicoat maintained his lead in the opening lap, defending from Hubert and Deletraz. Contact shortly after, between Allen and Gachet, brought out the safety car for a brief period. On the restart, Barnicoat managed to hold on to his lead while Kodric progressed up to sixteenth. Further progress was made after just five laps with Daruvala progressing to twelfth, Kodric to fourteenth and Hasse-Clot into nineteenth. The safety car was back out on lap seven for the removal of the car of Romanov, before Daruvala, whose car was also removed during this period, suffered an unfortunate early retiring. On the second restart of the race, Barnicoat once again kept his lead, and went on to cross the line to take a victory. Kodric crossed the line in ninth after a great final corner overtake on Olsen, while Hasse-Clot finished the race in nineteenth.


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